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Ethelo helps people and citizen’s organizations build a public mandate for political change

Ethelo enables groups to have a collective voice on political issues ranging from community actions to public policy and legislative change

If you or your organization would like to use Ethelo to build a public mandate for social change, please contact us

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Explore how Ethelo works

Law and policy-making require integrating multiple, diverse perspectives. In this real-life demo, international policy experts were asked to evaluate a series of proposed legal terms and definitions, to eventually ratify a proposed U.N. law.

It’s difficult to design laws without effectively consulting the public that will be impacted by them. This demonstration explores how Ethelo can be used to design new legislation around the legalization of marijuana, looking at key issues including warning labels, mandatory minimums, age of access, taxation, residential growing and personal limits.

A community is building a neighbourhood park and would like to consult with local residents about which facilities should be included. There are some budgetary constraints, and whatever facilities are chosen must fit within the available land. Ethelo enables local residents to collaborate in designing a park that everyone will like.

In this participatory budgeting, demonstration, Ethelo streamlines citizen-based crowdsourcing for resource allocation. Here a City has a budget of $1.5M, and they want their citizens to decide on ways to spend it, among a selection of options.