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Create Social Change

We are a non-profit organization that helps community members achieve fair, accessible and engaging public consultation processes that prioritize ensuring all voices are heard.
We are focused on climate solutions, anti-racism and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Help us build the eDemocracy Network
Are you frustrated by the state of democracy? So are we. That’s why we’re creating the eDemocracy Network

The eDemocracy Network will be a community of passionate, engaged individuals like you who want to… 

  • Empower people of all backgrounds to have a say in the social, environmental, and economic decisions that affect them.
  • Help find solutions to society’s most divisive and complex problems (such as climate change, police reform, systemic inequality, etc.).
  • Equip grassroots organizers and elected officials with the data, strategies, and tools they need to enact real change.
  • Build a more equitable, inclusive, and fair approach to democracy.

Joining the eDemocracy Network is totally free. There are no age limits, no minimum education, and no time requirements, because we believe a strong democracy is founded on diversity. 

Work with us to design the eDemocracy Network

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How Can Ethelo Help Your Community

Ethelo helps people and citizen’s organizations build a public mandate for political change. Ethelo enables groups to have a collective voice on political issues ranging from community actions to public policy and legislative change. If you or your organization would like to use Ethelo to build a public mandate for social change, please contact us.

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Our Campaigns

Amidst Pandemic, BC Community Leads Innovative Climate Engagement Process

This case study explores the public engagement process for a new Climate Action Plan that Salt Spring Island residents did amidst the global pandemic on the Ethelo platform.

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eDemocracy Report Highlights Shortfalls of Federal Budget Consultation

A major report released today outlined key budget recommendations from a coast-to-coast public engagement process.

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eDemocracy Webinar Series

How to keep your climate action plan on track throughout COVID-19

A panel of local government and climate action leaders discuss the impact that lockdowns have had on municipal climate action, and explore opportunities to move forward.

Watch on-demand

Top ten questions about Carbon Budgets and Public Engagement

Learn how local governments, community members and community groups can do more to make change happen faster and more effectively through public engagement.

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Democracy in a time of physical distancing

Learn from engagement leaders about the values and principles that should guide the development and use of democracy tools in the social distancing era.

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What is eDemocracy and how does it compare to polls and surveys?

Explore how eDemocracy improves upon polls and surveys, two of the most fundamental methods that governments use to collect public input.

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What is a Municipal Carbon Budget?

How does it relate to a GHG reduction strategy? – The idea is a comprehensive plan of how communities can reach their greenhouse gas reduction targets.

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Why Carbon Budgets and Community Engagement are so Important

We have great plans. And yet our emissions reductions have been negligible. Why? Is there a problem with the plans? – There is one missing piece, the bridge that links the plan to action.

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