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We are a non-profit organization that helps community members achieve fair, accessible and engaging public consultation processes that prioritize ensuring all voices are heard.
We are focused on climate solutions, anti-racism and diversity, equity and inclusion.
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Empower people

Empower people of all backgrounds to have a say in the social, environmental, and economic decisions that affect them.

Find Solutions

Help find solutions to society’s most divisive and complex problems: climate change, police reform, systemic inequality, etc.

Provide tools

Equip grassroots organizers and elected officials with the data strategies, and tools they need to enact real change.

Build eDemocracy

Build a more equitable, inclusive, and fair approach to democracy.

Our Campaigns

Climate Action Plan

Salt Spring Island, BC

This case study explores the public engagement process for a new Climate Action Plan that Salt Spring Island residents did amidst the global pandemic on the Ethelo platform.


Build Back Better Federal Budget Consultation


This major report outlines key budget recommendations coming out of a coast-to-coast public engagement process.


Help Canada Build Back Better
A group Heiltsuk community members

Clean Energy Plan

Haíɫzaqv (Heiltsuk Nation)

The Haíɫzaqv Clean Energy Team used a carbon emission simulation exercise powered by Ethelo to gather public feedback to evaluate climate solutions to transition the community off of diesel fuel.


Climate Action Plan


Perth County used a carbon emission simulation exercise on the Ethelo platform to gather public feedback on climate solutions.


eDemocracy Webinars