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Ethelo’s eDemocracy Carbon Budget platform is a comprehensive engagement and planning solution for communities to plan how they will reach their greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets.



Community Engagement:

  • Designed to identify the most broadly supported local climate solutions policies
  • Participants compare the greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction opportunities and trade offs of different local
    policy options
  • Micro-targeted communications campaigns are used to recruit participants from sub communities
    throughout the region
  • Jurisdictions will be able to more fully implement their climate action plans with buy in from their citizens
  • An effective engagement campaign can change people’s feelings about climate and shift them away from thinking of it as either unsolvable, unpreventable or unconnected to them.

How does it work?

We hope that our process can be help communities solve the complex problems that slow down action on climate change. Our goal is to provide a decision making process that helps to nurture and cultivate the social license that makes meaningful climate action possible

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