The eDemocracy Carbon Budget platform is decision making tool for fair and meaningful community engagement that helps policy makers and residents chart a path forward to implement GHG reduction strategies.

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Communities can collaboratively design an emissions reduction plan together that:

  • Helps policy-makers reduce friction and find the social license to act 
  • Gives a broad cross-section of residents a meaningful way to be part of the process (even during social distancing)
  • Can be used for consultation or  educational purposes and can help increase participation in existing GHG reduction strategies
  • Generates detailed results similar to a poll and can identify points of friction and opportunities for success 

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Salt Spring Island Climate Action Plan 2020

Salt Spring Island, BC was the first community to take part in the Carbon Budget pilot project intended to combine the Ethelo decision-making platform with micro-targeted public engagement strategies.

See how Salt Spring meaningfully consulted their community for their climate action plan in the midst of social distancing.

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“Political leaders can take faster action when there is strong community support, Surveys like this help guide how we best serve islanders and our island as we wrestle with the climate crisis.”

Laura Patrick, Salt Spring Island Trustee

Fair and Effective Community Engagement

With the help of our team, templates and technical support set up is straight forward. 

The patented Ethelo algorithm helps policy makers identify the most broadly supported climate solutions to reach GHG reduction strategies


Diversity and Accuracy 

In order to ensure fairness and a representative sampling of community members. We provide a baseline of micro-targeted communication campaigns to engage a wide spectrum of residents. This tailored content is intended to inform residents and empower them to take a role in shaping policy. 

This service can be expanded to reach a bigger sample size and more community members overall with a mix of outreach activities specific to stakeholders in your community.

Long-Term Positive Impacts

We can facilitate ongoing re-engagement and help drive participation in new and existing GHG programs and activities in your community. 

This is a key part in shifting culture so participants take climate action in their own lives.


Our goal is to provide a decision making process that helps to nurture and cultivate the social license that makes meaningful climate action possible in your community

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