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Create Social Change

We are a non-profit organization that helps community members achieve fair, accessible and engaging public consultation processes that prioritize ensuring all voices are heard.

Help us build the eDemocracy Network
Are you frustrated by the state of democracy? So are we. That’s why we’re creating the eDemocracy Network

The eDemocracy Network will be a community of passionate, engaged individuals like you who want to… 

  • Empower people of all backgrounds to have a say in the social, environmental, and economic decisions that affect them.
  • Help find solutions to society’s most divisive and complex problems (such as climate change, police reform, systemic inequality, etc.).
  • Equip grassroots organizers and elected officials with the data, strategies, and tools they need to enact real change.
  • Build a more equitable, inclusive, and fair approach to democracy.

Joining the eDemocracy Network is totally free. There are no age limits, no minimum education, and no time requirements, because we believe a strong democracy is founded on diversity. 

Work with us to design the eDemocracy Network

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Why Ethelo Why Now

Society needs a fundamentally new approach to governance and group decisions. This is why we created Ethelo, and why it’s needed now more than ever.

Make Democracy Better

Democracy must use technology to deepen the advantages that group participation and collective wisdom can provide. We need real-time feedback loops and inclusive, iterative processes that can generate broad consensus and united efforts for effective execution.

How Can Ethelo Help Your Community

Ethelo helps people and citizen’s organizations build a public mandate for political change. Ethelo enables groups to have a collective voice on political issues ranging from community actions to public policy and legislative change. If you or your organization would like to use Ethelo to build a public mandate for social change, please contact us.

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