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Our Team

The Ethelo team is a high-impact group of professionals from a range of disciplines, including computer science, business, mathematics, sales, communications, finance, and law

Vickie Cammack

Board Chair

Vickie is a member of the Order of Canada and founder of several social enterprises

David LePage

Board Secretary

David is a practiced expert in businesses that blend market returns and social value

Michelle Martin


Michelle Martin is a communications professional and serial entrepreneur and CEO

Toby Rainthorpe


Toby is a technologist and successful serial entrepreneur in the trade and finance industry

Nick Edmonds


Nick is a mathematician, computer scientist and expert in algorithm optimization

Bill McGraw


Bill is a many-time CEO with expertise in sales, marketing, and general business development

Sean Melrose

Board Treasurer

Sean is a certified financial manager and social venture fund investor

Tatiana Laboda


Tatiana is a trained software quality assurance engineer and release manager

Eduardo Sasso


Eduardo is a process engineer, business analyst and digital engagement optimizer

Laura Williams

Senior Software Developer

Laura is a software engineer and expert in crowd-sourcing platforms

Elizabeth Marston

Software Developer

Elizabeth is a front-end software engineer, UX designer and DevOps analyst

John Richardson


John is a mathematician, lawyer, entrepreneur and the inventor of the Ethelo technology

Andra Andre


Andra is a graphic designer and user experience expert

Kent Mewhort


Kent is a software engineer and lawyer specializing in open source software

Sharon Wilkie


Sharon is a financial manager and CEO of the firm Glasshouse Business Services Inc.

Darryl Brousseau


Darryl is a technical services agent who provides training and operational support to clients

Daniel Bloemendal


Daniel is a back-end software engineer whose focus is the Ethelo algorithm and API


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Ethelo emerged out of a vision for a completely new approach to group decision-making combining human intelligence with information technology, and an insight into the potentially vast systemic impacts of improving such an essential function in society.

Ethelo is comprised of two entities. First, Ethelo Decisions, a technology company dedicated to helping organizations focus collective intelligence to need the best decisions more quickly; second, Ethelo Democracy, a non-profit society dedicated to a more effective, citizen-engaged democracy. Ethelo Decisions undertakes commercial projects to fund the development of the Ethelo technology, which is provided to Ethelo Democracy and its partners for the cost of hardware.

Ethelo began in 2011 with the establishment of a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing new forms of democracy using internet technology. The organization and mission evolved as the founding team, led by Ashoka Fellow John Richardson, developed Ethelo and proved its value in both the commercial and democratic space.

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