Ethelo Nominations

Are you concerned about the state of democracy? Have you thought about how internet technology could be used to improve things?

Would you like to being a part of a reaching, multi-national effort to create a global eDemocracy? (Read more about eDemocracy)

We are looking for great folks to join our board of directors and advisory team. Does the following describe you?

  • a demonstrated interest in technology and democracy
  • skills such as marketing, communications, public policy, research
  • motivation, time and energy!

If so, let us know! We are looking for nominees of all ages to help lead Ethelo Democracy in 2018/2019! We’d love to hear from you!

Ethelo Democracy is a nonprofit organization created to advance participatory democracy using internet technology. It is the sister organization of Ethelo Decisions, and provides free and discounted access to the Ethelo engagement platform to qualified groups.

Ethelo Democracy supports stakeholder engagement processes by grassroots and citizen-based groups, as well as political parties and candidates standing for election. Ethelo Democracy supports citizen organizations seeking to build a mandate for government action on issues of public policy and legislative change.

Ethelo Democracy collaborates with international NGOs conducting participatory democratic engagements in the US, Europe and Africa.

Ethelo Democracy collaborates with academics and institutions doing research into online participatory democracy and best practices for eDemocracy.

Ethelo Democracy supports special projects that integrate Ethelo, including Salon Politic and the Big Question.

If you are interested in becoming a director or organizer for Ethelo, GREAT! Please a note with information about yourself and your background to

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