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It’s been a hard year, but hope is on the horizon and it’s time to start thinking about Canada’s recovery. Our 2021 federal budget is focused on how we can build our country back, better. This is a once in a generation opportunity, with billions of dollars being allocated. Up until the budget is presented in March, there are significant decisions being made which will affect every single Canadian.

We have a brief opening to influence this process and ensure that we move forward with a plan that will lead to real change; a plan that transcends divides and leaves no voice left unheard. 

But we need your help.  

Together We Can Help Canada Build Back Better 

This large scale, national participatory budget process is engaging Canadians from coast to coast to coast in a discussion of how we can build back better for a fairer, more equitable country. 

As of right now, most Canadians have not been consulted about these budget allocations, which will chart the course of our country for decades to come. This process is ensuring Canadians have a say in their country’s future.  

The Government of Canada has committed to creating 1 million jobs. Canadians should have the chance to explore and understand the costs, opportunities, consequences and benefits of the different investment options being proposed while aiming to accomplish this ambitious goal. 

This unique public engagement experience was designed to provide an interactive budget simulation process that provides more meaningful insights than a traditional survey.  

The key to getting this right is having the social license of Canadians to proceed. 

This is an ambitious, never-before seen effort to engage Canadians fairly and equitably in designing our economic recovery, and we need your help.  

Canadian tech company Ethelo has donated the use of their award-winning engagement platform, as well as staff time, in order to support their sister organization, the eDemocracy Network as well as Corporate Knights magazine and their academic partners in this effort. 

The engagement process has launched but we need your help in order to make this process wide-reaching, fair, and representative of our country’s diverse population. Every dollar donated will go towards reaching as many Canadians as possible, and ensuring the process is accessible to all.

Help Canada Make An Impact

The results of this process will be shared with policy makers, members of parliament, and the media. Please help spread the word so everyone’s perspective is incorporated. 

A detailed report of this engagement process will be publicly available and shared with participants. 

Together, we will find consensus, uncover the budget options with  broad public support, and provide a mandate that politicians will be motivated to act upon.

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