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Gordon Hogg MLA


Surrey White-Rock

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To foster a sense of ownership and transparency around the process of identifying and gauging public support around 21 local initiatives.


A transparently shortlisted set of results, shortlisting 5 local initiatives with the highest level of public support.

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Ethelo helped funnel and analyze the insights of more than 40 movers and shakers in the City of White Rock in Surrey, BC. A total of 112 comments were collected, totalling a 42% participation rate and an average of 2.6 comments per user. The forum enabled the local MLA to identify community priorities at a time of citizensĀ“convenience and to shortlist proposals with the greatest amount of collective support.

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I wanted to make it as apolitical as we could. There were some pretty robust discussions. How do we take care of each other? How do we look after each other? How do we look at people not for the defects we have, but the gifts we all bring? One gentleman told me he was going to rethink what being in a community means.

Gordon Hogg
Surrey White-Rock