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Bridge Party of Canada


Renew Democracy


Together, Canadians are finding an alternative to a democratic system that is at the root of many of the world’s problems today. By renewing Canadian democracy, we are re-imagining our citizenship as a co-created experience. We are building a better Canada for the world to see.

Join the Conversation!

From the divisive Brexit to unprecedented political polarization in the U.S., signs that democracy is faltering are pervasive. Today Canada has the opportunity to show worldwide leadership by embracing a new model for a citizen-developed “democracy by design.”

In this consultation, we are inviting you to be part of the solution. You will be able to review a range of policy proposals put forth by academics and public interest organizations and evaluate these initiatives according to your level of support and their relative importance to you. You can even suggest your own proposals should you be so inspired!

Thank you for your help transforming Canada into a world-leading democratic community. Your contributions will form a mandate for further action.

Ethelo is a perfect example of real-time deliberation over long-distances, impossible before the internet, which ought now become the centerpiece of a new model of democracy.

David Berlin
Bridge Party