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Vancouver International Children’s Festival


Me on the Map

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Empower children to re-imagine public spaces through a participatory theatre experience about civic engagement and collective, ethical decision-making.


More than 300 children ages 5 – 12 collaborated in decision-making on the design of public spaces.

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Me on the Map is a participatory theatre show for kids about civic engagement and collective, ethical decision-making. Kids are empowered to re-imagine their city’s ideas of public spaces while considering values such as making spaces where people are happy, it’s easy to meet with friends, that are healthy, contain surprising spaces and where everyone belongs.

The show, commissioned by the International Children’s Festival, is set up as a brainstorm with a series of group activities designed to free kid’s imaginations and identify what’s most important to this group of future citizens. Ethelo was used along with other group decision-making modalities to amalgamate all the kid’s designs, figure out what community values are most important to them, and fine-tune their collective choices to help make the Happiest City.

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