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Roslyn Fuller


Fingal People’s Program

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Allow constituents to decide how to allocate political resources on a peer-to-peer basis


A clear conversation and action plan on future political priorities in the Dublin-Fingal area

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Roslyn Fuller, an independent political candidate in Dublin-Fingal, wanted to ensure that her positions aligned with her constituents’ wishes. Ethelo provided a platform where ordinary citizens could discuss and decide on political matters ranging from taxation and finance to the environment and social justice. In an area comprising 175 square miles and nearly 300 000 residents, comprehensive face-to-face consultation would have been impossible.

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It’s time to stop forcing people to stew in silence between elections and start opening up politics to continuous participation. I have been researching democracy for over a decade and my ultimate goal is the introduction of full direct digital democracy. Online participation software can provide a reflective and accurate snapshot of voter preferences and Ethelo is the most sophisticated solution I have come across.

Roslyn Fuller
Independent Candidate