Ethelo Insight: In this piece from the blog of our sister company Ethelo Democracy, Kate Milberry examines how Ethelo might be used in organizations and communities to change the world, one decision at a time.  

By optimizing the intention or collective will of a group, Kate explains how Ethelo offers a new path forward, a way around an impasse, by promoting harmony and giving outcomes the best chance to work in the real world.


By Kate MilberryChange the world

There’s little question that much of the conflict in the world arises from disagreement. I want your land, but you live there and don’t want to give it to me. You want my resources, but I don’t think you have a right to take them. And on and on, throughout history, humans have disagreed, and fought over those disagreements, sometimes—often—with devastating outcomes. With all our cultural and technological advances, we have not been able to eliminate the human want and environmental destruction that plagues our planet. We have yet to achieve what Marcuse called the “pacification of human existence” where humanity triumphs in its struggle for survival via a technological base that supports life in all its forms.

But imagine technology designed and built with harmony in mind – not only as an end goal, but baked right in, as it were. What would society look like if our tools reflected the goals of fairness, equality, peace, collaboration and sharing that would bring balance to this planet? Today human civilization relies on a heavily polluting industrial complex that produces technologies of death, destruction and mass distraction, motivated by power, greed and profit. But it doesn’t have to be like that. And indeed, there are people around the world working for peace and prosperity for all, envisioning a new and different world, another, better world.

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