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Why Ethelo, Why Now?

Humanity has prospered through its ability to act collectively. However, problems in how we make decisions as groups have created their own increasingly critical issues, including economic inequality, climate change, political instability, military aggression, and dwindling resources. These are the great challenges of our times, and they cannot be solved using the same decision making processes that led to them. Society needs a fundamentally new approach to governance and group decisions. This is why we created Ethelo, and why it’s needed now more than ever.

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Long Case Study

Bridge the gap between Nova Scotians and their democratic institutions by creating an action plan for a better democracy

A discussion paper and publicly-validated action plan for lobbying Nova Scotia’s provincial government

News Coverage
The Chronicle Herald
There is a growing movement for electoral reform in the province of Nova Scotia and the non-profit Springtide Collective is at the lead. Springtide used Ethelo to engage several hundred Nova Scotians in evaluating different options for democratic reform. Ideas proposed ranged from instituting term limits for provincially elected officials, to lowering the voting age, and changing the voting system. After floating close to twenty ideas, the results of Ethelo then became the basis of the organization’s research priorities and deep exploration of specific policy options, based on the proposals participants expressed most interest in exploring further.

Ethelo provides a mechanism to capture an incredible number of possibilities in a handful of simple questions. This means participants in the decision are able to see what the impact of certain decisions is, and enables us to quickly eliminate many unpopular alternatives, and focus on the changes that will satisfy the most people.

Mark Coffin
Springtide Collective

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